Day One: A Very Bumpy Beginning

Ok, so I may have done something a little bit stupid… quitting my job, moving out of my favorite city, leaving all my friends and boyfriend behind. You know, just totally changing my entire life in order to chase after a childhood dream.

I know I’m not the only young woman in America (or the world for that matter) that grew up telling their parents they’d one day make it on the bestsellers list. But after slowly putting that dream off further and further into my future, I let my emotions get the best of me (first woman to ever do that, I’m sure) and found myself retreating into a dingy apartment in central Florida (long ago forgotten area by everyone but Publix and a major university, and for a very good reason, too). I guess I realized that, despite growing up and supposedly having moved on from that pipe dream, I didn’t want to fail because I never tried.

So I’ve given up security in exchange for a pantry full of Ramen noodles in a halfway restored condo my parents bought before the housing market collapse (Hey! Beats their basements! Also, at some point in this exercise, I also promised them I’d paint the damn place in exchange for rent). Why not give it a try? What do we have to lose? Just money, dignity, friends, hope… shit.

My Mission: Six weeks of almost entire social isolation with which to write my first book (or at least as much as I can). I will work on this Young Adult monstrosity for at least five hours a day (with minor allowances). Outlining, defining, creating, and (in particular) writing as much as I possibly can to generate enough material for Book One, I will also create a sketch of the remained of the series in order to guide and sell future works. Cant forget that I must actually sell the damn thing, so by the end of it, I’ll reserve an entire week to developing a proposal, researching publishing houses/literary agents (you guys know anybody?) and any other platform I can to make sure I don’t come out of this penniless and broken. Finally! Due to an entire lack of funds, I will do all of this without internet.


(I know what you’re thinking… How are you blogging without internet? Well, do you know how many public access points there are to the internet? I’m gonna hole myself up in any location with free or cheap internet that I can find, but when all else fails, I have a cellphone that has been courteously donated by my father. And that’s not cheating… It’s not. I swear.)

Which brings me to here: Day one. I got an idea in a rather sweaty dream and haven’t been able to get it out of my head, so today was the very first day I took some random scrabbling in a notebook I carry constantly in my purse and started writing coherent thoughts. After four rocky starts, I managed to scramble together a five page (double spaced…) prologue that I don’t hate. And it only took me four hours…

But! There were some productive notes on the day! Managed to define a few key terms of rather strange elements of this story that had been previously nameless. The thing about writing for children is that the unusual is almost assumed so I was finding it difficult creating words that sounded strange, but still slightly alluded to their meaning. It is all a bit like creating your own language, so on top of the rocky prologue I have created a Glossary of terms.

Oh, and then I went to Walmart.

Oh god, this is going to be the most boring blog ever, isn’t it?


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