Day Ten: And Then There Were Four

Another great writing day. I’ve got four chapters down (not finished, but rather written and waiting to be edited). I’m planning a massive read-through tomorrow and then shipping them off to The Creative Factory so she can tear them to shreds (which I am actually looking forward to more than anything).

I’d been thinking about how to summarize my work for you guys without giving it away for a while now. I’d like to tell you the whole thing really, but I think it’s best if I don’t write about the particular story, but rather the process of writing it (for that’s the point of reading this blog versus reading the book).

However I saw this cartoon by Silverstein the other day and couldn’t help but think that it encapsulated the beginning (i.e. those four chapters I’ve been rolling around with all week) of my story. So… I think I’ll just share it with you and leave you to ponder the rest.


That’s all I really have to share with you tonight. Hope you’ve had a good Saturday. I certainly have.


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