Day Nineteen: The Return

I must apologize for my weekend’s disappearance. I hope very much that you all assumed I was writing so dutifully and diligently that I simply couldn’t spare the time or mental capacity to blog. However, you would be very wrong.

Yesterday was the Creative Factory’s birthday so I hightailed it out of that no-horse town and set sail for bolder waters. I’m still hiding out in the Fertile Crescent of Blissful Distractions that calls itself New Orleans. It’s been wonderful, but it seems like all notions of writing flit quickly out the window at the mere thought of this place. No regrets. It’s been a wonderful weekend, but I still have yet to jot down but a paragraph.

This means that after my 8 hour ramble across I-10 tomorrow, I’m going to have to get down to brass tax. As a means of further discombobulating my time until then, I have taken this brief moment of still before my boyfriend returns from work to research productivity apps. What is a better waste for productivity than researching better productivity? I can think of none.

In my research though, I found some really cool word processing apps. I don’t know what you guys use to write… typewriters, pens, laptops, phones… but I use a little bit of everything. Lately though, I’m al about my iPad and classic notebook. I have a nice little keyboard, I keep it with me almost always, and it’s always synced with my cloud so I don’t even have to worry about saving my documents (however, when offline, I sometimes have mild panic attacks until I can update my docs).

When looking through the App Store today though I found an entire category for writers. There was some neat stuff. Notebooks you literally write into on the screen, cool text editors that even note how many times you repeat words or phrases (I normally just do a final edit with a highlighter and a piece of paper for that stuff). There’s anything you’ve ever thought (Good idea: someone should make a productivity app that does that Snowflake outline theory I discussed earlier… like a step-by-step that becomes a writing reference once it’s complete… I would use that always). It just makes me think all the more about how ever-changing technology has made both the writing a reading process.

Whenever I say I want to write people of a certain age tell me there is no money in that anymore. I think they’re ignoring a really big aspect of this changing market… and that is that it is constantly changing. I’m excited to see how different this whole thing is even a year from now.

Anyway… I have a lot of new apps to play with when I’m back in my isolation hole in Florida, but for now I must ask: anyone have any favorite productivity and writing apps? I’m all about Pages right now but I change every few months/new project. What is the best of the best and you’ll never go back?


2 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: The Return

  1. Hi. It’s Amy’s rob! I think that the market for writers is about to get much, much better. And I think it’s all because of bitcoin.

    I’ve already given Amy an ear full about it, but basically bitcoin is the first technology to actually work like a cyber cash- meaning that I can give you money, without either of us knowing anything about each other, and without getting charged a fee.

    What this translates to for bloggers is that you can put a bitcoin button- similar to a Facebook like button- on each blogpost and if a user fancied your post, he could give you money with a single click.

    Amy said she would have a problem giving money to a blogger because that could be a lot of money. But the cool thing about Bitcoin is that there is no “delimiter” meaning that if I wanted to give you a .00001$ for a post , I could. This is an insignificant amount for the user giving you money, but if your even getting 1,000,000 pageviews a month (you do use google analytics right?), which is pretty modest, that cash could add up quickly.

    Productivity apps: Evernote for note taking and writing, Daily Routine to stay on task, Clear for to dos, Mailbox for email, and yes, my app Valt for password keeping (not on App Store, bit heres a shameless plug if you wish to be notified when it is

    • Rob,
      I think you’re really right about this Bitcoin thing–it’s going to change the face of digital publication–and what you propose is a genius idea. I did a lot of research before I started this blog into like niche blogging and trying to make money off of basically writing adspace websites. What I love about blogging is, for the most part, it’s free, but I have noticed that once a blog gets popular, creators get more into monetizing it. Currently, that’s through adspace. I hate adspace. Honestly, nothing ruins a great app, blog, or webpage for me like adspace. I pay Pandora Radio $5 a month to avoid ads, I’d be willing to do similar for blogs and webpages and the idea of monetizing those spaces as a “pay what you will to keep this stuff real” is something I’d get behind. Then you have the whole kick-starter sort of quality–paying people for their specific projects. If you want them to have the time to blog more, you pay more (maybe you even get rewards for doing so). I think those are just two reasons why people would probably get behind a little donation or monetized blog… or it could always just be a sign of good faith… like tipping a waitress.

      As for your recommendations, I just got Evernote in my haul yesterday. Excited to try it out and definitely keep us posted on your apps. (I saw an app that was what you and I had discussed ages ago: a one-password sort of app… these people were charging like $30 for it and I think your app would solve the problem just as easily. I hope it goes well.)

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