Day Twenty-Two: Crazy

Today I wrote for about four hours of complete drivel that I already have figured out how I’d like to re-write. Then I wrote for one hour of good stuff that just wouldn’t stop. Then, of course, my iPad died. And I had forgotten my charger. So, not knowing what else to do, I left the library. I walked about 4 of the 30 blocks toward home and the sky opens up. I had to zip my bag inside my Harry Potter sweatshirt and trudge home though the rain.

You know that movie cliche where someone is having a bad day and it suddenly starts raining and a big truck drives by and they get doused with a good amount of water? Yeah, this happens in real life. I’d almost think that truck was trying to spray me! I was soaked by the time I got home.

But overall, I wouldn’t say it was a bad day, despite the rain. It sucked to write for so long and feel like it wasn’t going anywhere, but it felt great to get past that and get that really great hour. I finished chapter 8 and started 9 today, and I’ll count that as a victory even though 8 will need a lot of re-writing.

Really the worst part of the day was that the rain scared away my crazy friend. You know those people that have to dance like maniacs on the side of the street and sometimes they get really into it and spin their signs like badasses? I really thought this guy might be one of them, but I think yesterday’s walk past him confirmed that he is not.

No, he’s just a big guy, probably late twenties, latino that likes to stand on a street corner and rap to himself. Like crazy raps. He even does that rap dance. Lots of gesticulating. People cross the street to get away from him and, I’ll admit, I used to be pretty intimidated by him too. He is literally rapping to no one.

Maybe that’s what crazy is? Giving up time that could be better spent so that you can rap at strangers on a street corner. Really, it’s not too different than what I’m doing… just going out there and doing what you love even if it means it puts people off.

Man, this rap guy looks like the happiest person ever though. He just loves it. It may not be what society accepts but if rapping to no one on a high-traffic street corner is what makes you happy–forget if it is crazy–then rap your damn heart out dude.



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