Day Thirty-Five: Striking Out

The last few days have been a lot of staring into space for me. My writing time thus far today has consisted of a lot of picking at my fingernails in the library and questioning everything I’ve written so far. That and two crummy paragraphs that couldn’t even hold my attention.

I’m in a bad way. Lately, I can’t get my mind out of politics and plot points. They’re important topics to me, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not what is going to put words on a page.

I need to write. I need to cut my fingernails because they’re jagged stumps that I can’t stop playing with and I need to write.

So I’m heading to an internet-free zone to make myself a cup of coffee, cut my nails, flesh out a few characters and get 1,000 words done by the end of the day or else.

I said “Or else” when I got to the library today. “You’re not leaving this spot until you get a few good scenes written or else!” Now I’m leaving with questionable ramblings.

Oh, where is that creative energy that consumed me at the start of this project!? I wish I could just go back to that. When the words wouldn’t stop flowing through me. Now they won’t start!

I hate that version of me that sat there typing me into this corner. What have I done to my story?


5 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Five: Striking Out

  1. Writer’s block! Why not take some time to revitalize the creative juices. I usually read when this happens to me. Hell–we get so caught up in our own writing that we forget why we started in the first place and for nearly every writer, it’s because they enjoyed reading at one point.

    • That’s my typical go-to for inspiration (that or a long walk), but lately reading other people’s stuff that’s similar has been getting me down. I think I need to lay off the kids books for a while and read a non-fantasy book.

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