Day Thirty-Seven: Boredom

The rains came today bringing with them laziness. Spent most of the day lounging, although I managed a bit (not as much as I hoped, but enough to stay on track). I stayed up much too late writing my ending last night, so I don’t feel too sick about lazing around all afternoon with a book.

However, I plan on finishing Chapter 12 very soon and editing the last section this weekend. 12 out of 22 chapters… It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m proud of it nonetheless.

This isn’t the first book I’ve tried to write. I have three or four really solid starts on my laptop. I have five chapters of a subversive chick-lit anti-love story for new adults. I have three chapters for a sisterly-bonding/self-discovery tale that I quite like. I have a paranormal love story. I have a lot of strange books of all genres that never quite got past the opening before I lost attention and steam.

Most of my finished projects are short stories. They’re the only works I never grew bored of. How could I? They were just short enough to get the story down without lingering. It was really the perfect length for my attention span.

I am proud of myself that this project hasn’t fallen into that document folder. I’m trudging along, but the best part is… I haven’t lost interest. I am still excited to wake up every morning and start working on this project! To me, that is all the sign I need.

I think what I am learning to love about the YA/Juvenile genre is that it’s so wide. I don’t have to write a bleak comedy. I don’t have to write a serious novel. I just get to write.

My book so far has mystery, jealousy, bitterness, an old man with a long beard, love, laughter, sadness, death, a bad prank, fear, destruction, time-travel, confusion, betrayal, new friends, a man in a tweed coat, ridiculous nicknames, a woman who looks like a clock, an imaginary garden, a new sport and a million other tales. It’s not just a story… it’s a universe.

How could I ever grow bored with such a wide world to keep me busy?

I have let my imagination run rampant. I’ve never been so happy.


11 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Seven: Boredom

  1. Agreed. YA as a genre is so incredibly versatile. It’s a shame that it’s the genre taken the least seriously when its subject matter is often more serious than any other genre. Teenagers have extremely hectic lives and I’m hoping I can demonstrate this without my characters becoming angsty and annoying. I wish you the best of luck with perseverance. I have many unfinished manuscripts myself.

    • Yes, no angst. A weird future-love story started popping up in my work but I squashed it like a bug. They’re 11… They don’t need to be out finding their soul-mates just because it’s a book. They have enough to worry about at this point.

      I’m going to need that luck… I’m about to leave my isolated writing-cave. It’s going to take a lot more will-power to ensure I sit down and write. Your work still zooming along? Don’t make it look too easy, please. It’s somewhat discouraging to us mere mortals.

      • The only way I manage to write is by chain smoking and downing a good 5 Red Bulls a day. It really isn’t an easy gig and there’s no way I could possibly make it seem easy. You any good with teenage characterization? I may need some test pilots at some point and some second opinions. Book is coming along nicely :D!

  2. I think that when you spend so much time focussing on a world, it’s easy to see it as less extraordinary than someone who’s just walked into it might. I have a story that has two warring species and prophecies and a fairy with a tail, yet I can hardly look at it, and I groan at the mere mention of it.
    Persevere, my friend!

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