Day Forty-One: A Rant

Nearly tore my printer to shreds today while trying to print my work thus far. Why is it you only run out of ink when you’re desperate to print something?

I’d like to burn something. I naturally tend towards pyromania, but I don’t mean literally today. I think the world is getting to me in my isolation. Pretty soon I’ll be unfit for public and all twitchy around strangers.

Yesterday I told my neighbor, upon meeting her for the first time, that she annoys me. What is wrong with me?

I have come to the conclusion that what I have to say is utterly irrelevant. I might as well be a crazy old man talking to himself on the street. Promote yourself? Start a blog? Isn’t it obvious that I have no idea what I’m talking about?

I don’t care. You don’t care. “I’ve written 2,000 words today, go me!” Isn’t it obvious this is just another marketable ruse? Sell yourself out.

Why are you still reading this?


5 thoughts on “Day Forty-One: A Rant

  1. ha ha! I love it!
    I don’t think there is such a thing as an amorous relationship with a printer. I have yet to meet one that I like, which might make me printer-ist, I’m not entirely sure.
    However, I am certain that I’ve been pretty entertained so far by – your rant. I look forward to reading more of your journey to becoming published 🙂

      • It’s amazing that my current printer hasn’t gone onto my bad side at the moment. I think I’ll wake up one day with it hovering over me, spewing ink into my mouth speaking in the ancient tongue of printer squeals, ready to sacrifice me to the cloning gods that be….it’s been far too good so far, it’s suspicious

      • No news is always bad news. I like to stick with my old behemoth that way, every now and then, I can taunt it with newer and hotter printers just so it appreciates how lucky it is to still be around.

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