Day Fifty-Six: Just Keep Writing

After almost a whole week of waffling around, I’m finally writing again with a bit of procrastination consistency. Wrapped up Chapter 14 and have started 15… Hoping to have it finished today/tomorrow. Only seven more after that!

The exciting bit is that I’ve written large chunks of my ending so these last few chapters will have large potions already waiting to be incorporated. I’m actually just impressed that my plot has managed to stay on track… although I must admit, it’s more political than I’d originally imagined.

Thank god for detailed outlines!

I have one friend who has actually kept up with my story. It’s wonderful to hear his predictions about the ending… mostly because it helps me realize what’s working and what isn’t. I’ve planted so many Red Herrings in my narrative that I’m not sure I’ve planted enough actual clues. Every time I do (since I already know the ending) they just feel wildly obvious to me! I need that outsider/reader’s perspective so badly.

I swear, though, there is nothing like a friend texting you to request more to keep you motivated.

Just. Keep. Writing.

The finish line feels so close on this first draft!


10 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Six: Just Keep Writing

  1. Keep going! You can do it!
    When I get into a story that I really love the idea of, I get about halfway through writing it in a manner of days. Then I set the goal of finishing the dumb thing – and as soon as that point hits, the goal-setting thing, my stubbornness kicks in, and tells my logical side to piss off. How dair logic decide to schedule and dictate creativity! And then I leave it alone for a month, if that, and can’t write a damn thing.
    I’m glad you’re trucking on. Go You!

    • The only thing that keeps me going is my ending. I wrote it first so I’m too dedicated to it to stop when I’m so close. It would just be rude to the ending. Ending did nothing to deserve that.

      • You’re so kind to your characters and writing – you’ve got the ending! My poor characters just have to hang out and twiddle their thumbs until I figure out how to get them somewhere. I have a character that’s waiting to die, though I don’t know how he’s going to die, or how he’s going to get the thousand miles to where he’s supposed to die.
        Endings are so hard for me. It used to be that I would start in the middle, and work my way backwards, then trudge onward. Now I just try writing a page and see if the directions start popping.

  2. This is awesome. It’s really encouraging to hear that you are doing so well with writing and that you’re sticking with it. I’ve been wanting to write my own novel for a long time, but I never seem to make myself sit down and start writing out my ideas. I’m glad your friend really likes it. It’s always exciting to have someone ask for more.

  3. Oh, you’re damn lucky to have a friend who wants to predict the end and constantly reads you and tells you what is right or not. you should check my blog. not much writers where I come from and not much people interested in them.

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