Day Fifty-Seven: The Book So Far


Yesterday I e-mailed Le Novio my first 12 chapters to print at work (jobs with free printing? This isn’t a myth?) and came home to find this behemoth waiting for me on the kitchen table. It was pretty adorable (he even made alternate cover options…) and sweet that he’d gone to all the trouble of making my first full book into… Well, a book.

Hilariously enough, I used to do this same thing with my work as a child. There is just something so lovely about seeing your work on paper.

But there it is. 212 pages, 55,000 words (publisher’s count, not word count. Be sure to know the difference). My book so far with room to grow.

I’ve spent the day sleeping reading The Golden Compass my book by the pool.

There it is… Elysium Academy in all it’s first-draft, flawed glory. Someone get me my red pen!


5 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Seven: The Book So Far

  1. In order to see this photo, I needed to move my head back and forth while starting at the screen. We dinosaurs have trouble sensing things that aren’t moving! ROAR!

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