Day Sixty-Three: Politics for Eleven-Year-Olds

Ah, there is nothing like spending the morning on the phone with an insurance company to really start your productive day! Every time I talk to these people, I want to set the world on fire and burn it to the ground. Nothing makes me feel more anarchist than a capitalist insurance company…

I see why so many of these dystopian novels are so popular today… God, we live is a dystopian society, except everyone sees that it’s wrong and no one know what they can do. I don’t know what to do. It just makes me angry more than anything, and nothing breeds ignorance like anger.

I love how in all these dystopian novels, the rebellion always comes. The hero stands up and fights it… Fights who? Books have literal bad guys. Why can’t it be that obvious in life?

Anyway, not meaning to wax political. I’ve been thinking about this because my main characters are eleven, but I can’t help but write them to know the pitfalls of their society (which is not the same as our society, my book is fantasy). They are basically enlightened children. They walk around like tiny adults. They know what’s going on. They see more of their world than I know of mine…

But will a young reader understand that?

I don’t want to underestimate my audience, but I’ve stopped writing for children and started writing my story as it needs to be told. What’s worse, to lower yourself to your reader or to lower your reader needlessly?

I’ve started writing this book as if speaking to the eleven-year-old version of myself. What did I want to hear? What did I believe in? It certainly wasn’t boys and magazines.

Finished chapter 16 yesterday. And the book keeps marching on.


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