Day Sixty-Eight: Techno-daemons

Through a series of horrible mistakes I managed to crack my iPhone open like an egg. I’m sure there are plenty of people like me, but this was mildly catastrophic (which isn’t even a thing).

I’ve spent the last hour wandering around the mall like a lost puppy. They took my phone away to fix it and I’m not quite sure how to exist without it. They said come back in 30 minutes… without my phone, I don’t even know how long 30 minutes is!

What a stupid problem to have: technology dependence.

Fittingly, on Friday I finished reading The Golden Compass (also called Northern Lights). If you haven’t read this book and are even mildly a fan of fantasy, you need to read it. Like drop what you’re doing and read it because Lyra is one of the most interesting characters I have ever read and the world Pullman has made is just familiar enough to make perfect sense with so many strange concepts that you’ll be reading to the last page just to find out what Dust is.

Anyway, the real brainchild of the book is that everyone has these spirit animals called daemos that are a part of them. When you’re a kid, they can change constantly, but when you mature they stay in one form and are your companion. Essentially they are part of your soul and to even be too far from your companion would hurt a person physically. They are part of what the characters define as “human” (to not have a daemon makes you less than human).

It’s a great book. Witches and magic and horrors committed on children and talking polar bears (they’re more than that though, the panserbjørne). But I think Pullman put a lot of love into his daemon concept. It really shows and is the backbone of what sets the story apart.

I’m not just rambling about this… I feel like people (or maybe just me in particular) have developed this same bond with our phones. I don’t like letting it out of sight. I sleep with it. When I don’t have it I am lost and confused and alone (which also happens quite a bit in the book, not to give anything away). I don’t want to live without it.

It’s not just that I like to play games on it… my phone holds half of my memory. It’s got all of my passwords. Endless knowledge at my fingertips. Communication with friends far away. It’s my journal, calendar, notebook. Half of my thoughts are stored in my phone. All of my personal mental deficiencies (namely, memory) are compensated for with my iPhone.

I don’t know. Clearly it isn’t good to be so dependent on such a fragile little object that someone makes me upgrade every two years for a costly fee… But I like my phone. There’s a lot to be said about social interaction and digitization of people (humans? Who wants to talk directly to humans?) and how much that has changed our generation. I know all of this! But still…

Bad or not, I’m still entirely dependent on my phone!


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