Day Seventy-One: Just Stop Editing

I’d let my book get stuck in my head and, other than a few measly scenes that were all wrong, I hadn’t written much of use this whole week.

So I sat down and–in a text-only version and therefore unable to edit–I read my entire book today.

You know, these things get so mental and detailed, that you forget to just enjoy your story. Could my sentence structure be better? Yup. Were there plenty of cringe-worthy typos? Of course. But was the story there? Did I manage to read the whole thing in one sitting? Yes.

It doesn’t matter as much what other people think. I genuinely enjoyed reading my book today. I enjoyed reading it as if someone else entirely had written it. I found myself worried for the characters, even! Worried about the characters I wrote! Can you believe that?

It really helped get me back on track, to fall in love with my own story all over again.

So, a week after finishing Chapter 17, I started 18. I wrote 1,300 words in the past 45 minutes (more than I’ve written all week… at least on this project) and completely rearranged my ending. The ending is still there, I just need to write it and now I see why it had been causing problems, clear as day.

I’ve also figured out a huge detail at the beginning that will solve my two biggest problems. A) It’ll add a bit of excitement to the beginning and really up the stakes for my protagonist (thank you to Amy for pointing out how much potential this detail could have) and B) be a really good motivational factor/bonding point for my protagonist later.

All hope is not lost.


2 thoughts on “Day Seventy-One: Just Stop Editing

    • Plus, I think when facing an ending, it makes you a bit more excited to finish it just so your characters reach some sort of resolution (Ok…. so you can reach some resolution) if the story is fresh. But then, some stories are just impossible to end without a bit of sadness.

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