Day Seventy-Four: Mimosas and Crawfish


It’s my last official weekend in New Orleans before a brief vacation to Denver and San Francisco and moving onward to Scotland by the end of April.

Saying goodbye the proper way… A crawfish boil, brunch at my favorite place (breakfast pizza and bottomless mimosas will change your life), and friends coming over to cook me dinner from the comfort of my own couch (no pants: win).

The good news is, I’ve written a short piece about saying goodbye to New Orleans that’s going to be published on a New Orleans news/community website tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to link to that for you guys when it’s up.

It’s nice to get my name out there again and see my writing in print. I used to write for a New Orleans community paper which was fun and frustrating at the same time (I’m not much for journalism), but it’s always cool to hold your own writing and share with friends outside the blogosphere.

Let’s see what happens next. Good news abounds!

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