Day Seventy-Five: Blogging on a Streetcar


I’m really getting mobile with my upload today and sending a blog live from a streetcar heading into the French Quarter.

My short article on saying goodbye to New Orleans went up today and the response has been overwhelming and supportive! It’s been lovely to see all the likes and shares I’ve gotten for something that was genuinely fun to write.

I know we are the generation that has been overwhelmed by positive reinforcement, but there is nothing like a good response from your peers to make you feel good as a writer. I am not in denial about this quest for positivity. Same with blogging… Who looks at their notifications and thinks “Damn, another follower!” Keep the responses coming! It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

So I’m more than excited about the response to my writing. No complaints. Just keep writing, right?

Let’s hope there will be many more articles to share with you guys in the future!


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