Day Seventy-Eight: Living Out of a Suitcase


It’s been over a month since I’ve last unpacked my suitcase. This isn’t my longest stretch of homelessness, but it is one of my more complicated maneuvers (Unwarranted advice: never bring a rolling suitcase to Europe). Packing, when you live like I do, is more like an art form and sincere practice in practicality. Do I really need a hair straighter for the next seven days? Really? (No, I didn’t even use it in the last 30 days. I never use it for that matter.)

Today I upped the ante, borrowed a bag from Le Novio and packed a Sub-Suitcase. A Sub-Suitcase is a whole new realm of Wander-Champ. The glorious moment of packing a suitcase from out of another suitcase. I’m taking a vacation from my vacation and thus needed a smaller bag.

Tomorrow I board a 6 am flight from New Orleans to Denver and spend the weekend wrecking havoc on my cousins’ already exhausting life. From there, on Monday, I go to San Francisco for the week to look at two different schools (Only accepted to two schools out of nine applications and they’re both in San Fran. Fate said San Fran, so to the Bay Area I go!). Then I fly back to New Orleans, stay for two days, drive back to Florida where I will swap out my roller for a duffel, celebrate Easter, spend a day on the beach with my mother, and fly to Ireland. I’ll spend four days in Dublin with my little brother, then go to Scotland for two months (and wherever I’d like within that trip!).

That may sound like a lot to do, but then I go to Florida, New Orleans and DC at the end of June. Back to Florida, pack up my things for a cross-country roadtrip and move to San Francisco by August to start Grad School!

So clearly I’m a bit past Sub-Suitcase level here. Wander-Champ Level: Insanity! To be honest, it’s even wore than that. I’ve been on the move almost constantly since I bid the Creative Factory and I’s old apartment goodbye in January (We still miss you, Iberville!).

Actually… come to think of it…. I’ve been on the move almost constantly since I first started traveling. My mind is always on the next place. God, even when I was a kid, I was always plotting my escape from Beach-Paradise McBoring Mountain.

It’s great, getting to move around as much as I do. I don’t mind all the suitcases. Except, I genuinely have no idea where to forward my mail…

But San Fran definitely come August and for at least two years… Phew. That’s a long time to me. Let’s hope I like it.

Now I just have one week to pick which school to attend…Wish me luck!


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