Day Eighty: Denver (So Far)


Denver seems like one of the most chill and open places I’ve ever been. Went to Red Rocks (above) yesterday soon after my arrival (ugh… Early morning, discount flights!) and was just awed by it. I’m a huge fan of music, particularly classic rock, so there’s nothing quite like rocking with rocks… Bad pun, I’m sorry.

I’m visiting my cousins who are somewhat vegan so we are going pretty granola here which is a rude jolt for my body after all the fried foods of New Orleans. I guess I’ll have to get used to that in San Fran soon anyway.

I guess, my favorite part so far was while at dinner with my cousins last night, we got to talking about my book. They were all very interested and impressed.

I’ve been writing steadily since Mid-January and the book is so close to done, but still felt rather unimpressive to me… Talking with them about it was just wild though. They couldn’t believe I had actually done it… Couldn’t believe how complicated it is as they listened to me describe some of the themes and what I am going for. They all had very thoughtful input and were just so… Proud of me.

They made me feel really proud of what I’d accomplished so far. It was great!

Anyway, we are going hiking and to breweries today (apparently everyone and their mother has a microbrew here). I’m still adjusting to seeing snow on the ground in April, but I hear that hiking is the thing to do and the weatherman was wrong about the rain today so… I’m off to the mountains. Wish my out-of-shape ass luck!

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