Day Eighty-Two: From a Cafe in San Francisco


I’m sweating bullets because I just decided to climb a freakishly steep hill in San Fran along Hyde Street.

So now I’m lost somewhere on Nob Hill drinking expensive iced coffee and jacking an electrical outlet.


Sweet Jesus, I like San Francisco. I think I like it a lot. Except I was hoping to find a cozy cafe to hole up for an hour or two and write, at least I have coffee. And multiple free samples from Ghirardelli (like I’d climb a hill without pumping my body full of free chocolate!).


I meet with both of my accepted Masters programs tomorrow and am getting a beer with my super nice Couchsurfing host named Paul, who lives in splendor along the Embarcadero and is hella cool. Other than that, I just have plans to wander… the Haight is definitely on my list. Guess I can scratch off all the Wharfs and Nob Hill.

Oh my god. It just hit me that, come August, I’m going to be living here.



3 thoughts on “Day Eighty-Two: From a Cafe in San Francisco

    • Oh man, it’s so delicious (expensive but delicious) and adorable. It looks out over this park and beach that’s just wonderful. And the best part is there are three shops in Ghirardelli Square and each one gives you a sample!

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