Day Eighty-Three: Let’s Talk About Choices

I got in to two MFA Writing programs in San Francisco and have spent the day exploring both trying to make my final decision by Friday.

The only decision I have come to is that I can’t make this decision.

As a writer, clearly I will eventually have to make a general list of priorities about what kind of writer I’d like to be. Sadly, I’m 23 and not ready to put myself in a pocket.

I honestly want to write in every genre. I want to go to the funky art school where I can pick up an illustrator and print a book. I want to go to the academic environment that hosts readings and practical publishing panels.

How am I supposed to decide what is best for my career when they both offer such wonderful paths…? When at the end of the day my career is only a product of the work I put into it.

Honestly, I think both programs are perfect for me. They both want me to be the best writer I can be.

How the hell does that help me make a damn decision?


2 thoughts on “Day Eighty-Three: Let’s Talk About Choices

  1. Find out what they would do in the event that my cousin, Godzilla, emerges from the sea and begins to smash San Francisco to the ground! One of them is bound to have a contingency plan! ROAR!

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