Day Eighty-Four: You Win, San Francisco

Honestly, I’m too tired to write this. I’m Couchsurfing here in San Fran which means I crash literally on generous people’s couches and they also show me places around the city when they’re free. Last night, the nice British gentleman I was with took me to a nightclub for Tutu Tuesday… It was hilarious and frightening… Mostly because I may have accidentally joined an Asian Breaksance Crew and also there were these people dancing:



Which isn’t frightening, so much as expected of a Bay Area night club… I don’t know… The flashing lights and douche tanks just aren’t really my scene. I did like all the tutus though.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I didn’t sleep much and have wandered the city in a haze today. I also spent all of my money on bread shaped like a turtle…


But then a presumptuous seagull stole it while I was comatose in a park…

San Francisco may have bested me… I can barely walk my feet are ravaged by blisters, it’s colder than my clothes are prepared for, and I can’t keep my eyes open. And I still have a few more days…

The good news is I managed to pack a box so full of chocolate that it took me like 10 minutes to close it in the store. If someone says “as much chocolate as you can fit in a box,” I’m going to accept the mission to the fullest.

Still haven’t made my decision about school. >


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