Day Eighty-Five: God, I Love Bookstores

Normal tourists take pictures of sights and maybe some good views… I take pictures of book stores like a fan girl at a Harry Potter premier.

My cousins asked me while in Denver where I wanted to go last weekend, I remained apathetic for three days until I sniffed out a bookshop as we left the ice cream place. I made them both stand there while I explored my wonderland like a tiny Alice.


Finding great bookstores is like my special tourist talent. San Fran has some great things to offer… I’m so excited to make them my new homes. I spent most of my day wandering in awe around The Booksmith up on Haight Street (pronounced more like “hate” than “height”, I have learned like a shameful ignoramus). God, is there any sight more beautiful?


The store is practically plastered with staff recommendations. It has a whole children’s wonderland. They even have beautiful versions of the classics! I think my dream now would be to find my own book on their staff picks for the week… Maybe one day!

In other news I have picked my Grad School! California College of the Arts MFA Writing class of 2016 (wow, when did it become 2014?)! I hope everyone is as excited as me.

Now I must go bask in the splendor of my newest book. Isn’t it pretty?


A lovely day spent sprawled out in Golden Gate Park writing a stack of postcards and reading in the sunshine. Ah, now that’s my kind of touristing!>


4 thoughts on “Day Eighty-Five: God, I Love Bookstores

  1. Yay! More people like me. Whenever I tell people at work that over the weekend I’m going scouting for bookstores or spending time at the library, they seem to think that that’s the most odious thing to do..ever. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves bookstores and books on the whole.

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