Day Eighty-Seven: Salt Lake City Airport

Left San Francisco this morning and am now sitting out a four-hour layover here in Utah (all I can think about right now is Book of Mormon, sorry).

The mountains are beautiful. The city, from aerial, is a sprawling mess of suburbia, but the mountains cup it like a snow-capped wreathe.

I need to start hiking again.

Made my grad school decision official last night and am sending off my deposit first thing Monday for California College of the Arts! I’m pretty excited… Less academic, more artistic, but if I wanted an academic career I’d have done my MA in English.

I want to write.

And the best part is that I won’t have to pick a genre. I can do essays, short or long fiction, plays, poems whatever! (Except, not poems.)

So… Cheers to starting my grad school in august! I feel like such a dork because I’m so damn excited.

Now I have to go because I’m reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and I’m wondering if it’s ever going to live up to it’s name…


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