Day Ninety-Four: Happy Beach-ster

It’s Easter, which just happens to be my favorite holiday!

My father and I spent the entire day cooking my grandpa’s classic recipe Easter Pizza (which is a bread shell stuffed with egg, cheese and spiced meats). So good. We cut the first loaf soon. It smells so good, I can’t wait!


After munching on meats all day, I had to go for a beach walk. Ugly, windy day, but perfect for a beach walk!


The seafoam crawled across the beach like cotton candy tumbleweeds. It was lovely. I kicked it around, playing a round of seafoam soccer. It covered my feet like foamy boots, up to my knees in places, and jiggled around in the wind like jellyfish.


On the way back, the wind was wild. I felt as though, if I got enough lift, I could have taken off like a kite and flown away in my father’s jacket.

Alas, Happy Easter.


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