Day Ninety-Four: Packing

I think I have over-packed.

After a bottle of wine for dinner last night and the hangover that greeted me cheerily this morning. This left me an agonized hour to pack my bag for the next two months.

I think packing is impossible. Basically I just tried to shove as much of my clothing in a bag as possible. The bad part is that I left no room for whisky… I’ll have to revise my priorities. Forget clothes!

Now I’m watching Goodfellas and drinking Moscow Mules with my father and step mother. Apparently they both grew up in Jersey/Yonkers so that qualifies them to be gangsters.

I’m pretty sure that’s how this works.

Planning to cook with dad and then have a nice writing day for a change. It’s been wayyyy too long, so wish me luck!

Actual quote from stepmother: “Oh shit. You’re staying til Tuesday?”



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