Dublin| what’s with all the sun?

Got into Dublin in the wee hours of the morning and wandered around like a zombie, pretending to look at things but really just racing from one coffee shop to the next waiting for an available bed and/or brother.

Meanwhile my brother slept through his last day of classes. He eventually found me just close enough to mid day that we could go to pubs instead of pretending to be interested in tourist traps.

We did follow a tour group into Dublin castle after deciding we’d rather spend €4.50 on a pint than a palace. Turns out the tour group was French and Dublin Castle was pretty lame so we wasted little more than half an hour in there before we continued our pub crawl.

It’s weird when you grow up with someone and you look at them in a very dark pub in Dublin and you see for the first time what they actually look like today, now, grown. I hadn’t ever even realized that I still saw my brother as that skinny kid–the blonde Harry Potter. He is so… Worn now. His skin has depths. Scars I wasn’t there to see inflicted on him. He has cheekbones now. Where was I when all this happened? You feel like you’ll always know more about your siblings than everyone else, no matter how far away they are. Then one day you realize you don’t know them hardly at all.

Naturally it is freakishly sunny. That’s not sarcastic. The only time it has rained was the exact hour I had to hike from the bus to my hostel with all my bags and naturally all my clothes are wet now.

And it’s almost stupidly sunny.


5 thoughts on “Dublin| what’s with all the sun?

  1. Keep writing – you’re quite good at it. I love that your brother’s face has acquired depth and it’s stupidly sunny. The sun is stupid – where has it been during this long winter?
    Enjoy being young and traveling!

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