Day Ninety-Eight: No More Writing Advice

I hereby refuse to read any more writing advice blogs/columns/articles/quotes.

The internet is flooded with advice on how to be a great writer. The irony is that most of it is horribly written. Or boring. Pedantic, mysterious, blunt, optimistic… Everything! I can’t take it anymore.

All I have actually learned from this impossible array of mostly conflicting advice is that the writing process is particularly personal. Have you ever noticed that no two people brush their teeth the same way? Watch them. Watch anyone. If even a simple act like brushing one’s teeth is a unique act of individualism, how could any two people write the same way?

The best way to learn how to write is to read and write as much as possible until you stumble into your own method.

I’m not saying don’t read publishing advice. I’m not saying don’t read other authors… Do. As much as possible, read their every word. I even like interviews about other writers’ writing process.

But to think that someone can sit you down and show you the exact method of creating a writing process? Of creating a character? Narrative? Story? No.

From now on, I write the way I write. It changes day-to-day. It’s sometimes impossible. Maybe it’s not the most efficient. Maybe I use a lot of adverbs. But it’s mine.


4 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Eight: No More Writing Advice

  1. Yes to this! The writing process is so individual not all advice and ‘rules’ are going to suit everyone, and that’s exactly how it should be. If we all wrote the same, how boring would the be? 😀

    • I’ve been absolutely horrible about responding to comments since I’ve been traveling, but thank you so much for all of yours! It’s always so wonderful to hear that little ding of someone telling you nice things! Thank you for continuing to check out my blog even considering my own indolence!

  2. I don’t read too much writing advice either. If I do, it’s from a book and not on the Internet. I do however, like to offer writing advice. But I don’t really think of it as advice. I think of it as an alternative way of looking at things. In other words, I like people to do what works best for them and then think of some other options to complement that.

    • I love reading your blog because it is typically very personal for you. I love to hear your process, see how you are doing, even check out a few of the methods you’ve recommended. But I am mostly tired of the 10,000 articles out there with “Ten steps to being a better writer… Step One: Use fewer adverbs.”

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