Dublin| The Ten Things I Learned in Dublin


I’m sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for my gate to be announced to Edinburgh. I’m more excited to go to Edinburgh than I think it is possible to express.

But before I leave, I’d like to share some of the interesting things I’ve learned in the past four days.

1) Only an idiot (me) forgets to print their Ryan Air boarding pass. That’s €15 I will never get back!

2) If you walk through Temple Bar at any point in time you will hear either Galway Girl, Don’t Stop Believing, or an Eric Clapton song being played from every bar.

3) It is possible to eat an entire bag of Percy Pigs Gummies while in an airport waiting room.

4) The Hellfire Club is the scariest building of all time at night. Even if your tour guide is the most awkward person of all time.

5) People will pay a lot of money for any attraction that includes Guinness or Viking hats.

6) The Irish have some pretty cool mummies made from bodies being tossed into the peat bogs. Also skin, when preserved in a peat bog, is terrifying.

7) Everything in all of Dublin is overpriced.

8) Becoming a martyr is entirely dependent on if your side goes on to win. Otherwise you were merely a upriser.

9) Victorians were really into taxidermy. And building prisons. And imprisoning poor people.

10) Modern arts… Wtf?

And so much more!


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