Edinburgh| A Love Story

I had never meant to fall in love with Edinburgh. It just kind of happened.

I announced my decision to move here for my Junior year of college in 2009. Everyone told me it was weird that I hadn’t chosen somewhere more exotic, or, failing that since there are only so many exotic places you can study for an English degree, why not London?

I’d happened upon Edinburgh in someone else’s daydream. My roommate at the time was applying for here, but decided against going after she started a serious relationship. So I came alone.

I think it look me about half an hour after I arrived to realize I had accidentally made the best decision of my life.

So here I am. Back after almost 4 years since that first half hour and still… God, it’s so beautiful. Understated and romantic and just… Lovely. How could I not have fallen in love with Edinburgh?

I never stood a chance.


4 thoughts on “Edinburgh| A Love Story

  1. When I travel, I’ve never been a fan of big cities. They get to be kind of the same, at least the ones I’ve been to–restaurants, museums, churches/temples/mosques. Guess I’m more of a nature person. But I really liked Edinburgh. Beautiful city.

  2. I completely understand your love for Edinburgh. Much more romantic than London. Yes, London has the New York vibe where something is always happening, but the slightly slowed down pace in Edinburgh is where the magic happens.

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