Edinburgh|Back to Civilization


Have spent the last week on a roadtrip to the Highlands of Scotland, St Andrews, and Skye (a large island off the northwest coast of Scotland… That’s the Talisker Distillery you see there). It has been a beautiful mixture of rain and mountains and camping and awe.

After a trip somewhere remote, coming back to–even a small city like Edinburgh–an urban area makes everything seem dizzying and confined. Space is so huge out there. Why are we literally mapping ourselves out on top of each other when the world is still so big? I would just like to live in the middle of nowhere at some point in my future. I can see myself as a nice old lady ambling around a small town. Maybe I’ll own a pub.

But I like cities too… Maybe I can live everywhere?

My bestest buddy leaves tomorrow to head back to America… We’ve had fun and worn ourselves out but… It’s still sad to see her go. The quiet will be (briefly) nice until my cousin arrives Monday evening. Perhaps I will even get time to write tomorrow before the next wave of visitors arrives?


I’m so close to finishing the book, but it’s nearly impossible to hide out and write when I am literally sharing every minute of my day with other people! I don’t even get a bed to myself. That’s the perils of a bit of ambling.

Soon. Very soon.


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh|Back to Civilization

  1. ROAR! I’ve always had different preferences at different times of my life! When I was a hatchling, I thought that the world only extended from the bank of DNA extractors on one end of the room to the Veverseoraptor’s reading enclosure at the other. But then I grew and became the fearsome beast I am today, roaming the countryside, devouring livestock, and looking for anywhere that has decent wi-fi! ROAR!

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