Return of the Blog and Announcements

I had every intention of abandoning this blog as silly and useless. A wasteful dredge on my time, but I’m feeling isolated and sentimental about my move to San Francisco in two weeks so I thought, rather, I’d take this opportunity to shift the focus of this blog in a whole new direction just in time for my move.

So, alas, I am back.

Let me start with the new focus of my blog. I’d like to get a more set schedule going here with a bit more structure and a lot less chatting about my day. My day was boring, don’t worry. Writing is probably one of the least exciting physical activities of all time. A lot of type, type, bang head against hard objects sort of thing.

Anyway, the travels have subsided, blah blah that’s my personal life, who cares?

So what I’m thinking is this. When I’d originally planned this blog I wanted it to be a very collaborative platform for young writers to express… well, whatever they felt about writing. But I don’t know any young writers so it became more of a personal journey that went fairly awry.

Anyway, I still like that idea. Young writers, if there is anything you wish to share, even just word-vomit about how your mother doesn’t understand you, please feel free to message me or post in the comments. I’d love to make this a collaborative venture, if anyone is interested.

In the meantime, you’re stuck with only my writing ventures. So until I make friends, I’d like to set up a schedule of postings that go like this:

Mondays: A personal look at my own writing progress. Where Elysium stands or any of the multitude of projects I’ve been working on (or are soon to begin as my MFAW program nears a start).

Wednesdays: Actual content. This can be anything from a piece of fiction I’ve written to an interview, heck, maybe even some entertining literary analysis (yes, that’s a thing). Basically, anything pertaining to writing I can generate.

Saturdays: Short book reviews. I know this sounds incredibly dull… there are so many book reviewers on this site, but I assure I read a lot of very diverse books (from children’s lit to things I found in my grandmother’s garage) and I’m actually fairly scathing and snappy. That means absolutely no book summaries and plenty of spoilers. Hopefully, It will be fun. (Bear with me, ok?)

Sporadic: Rants and raves and (since I’m an egoist) lots of tales of personal woes, I’m sure. I’m a very whiny passionate person.

And that’s the new schedule. I’m hoping to find a groove here…

The good news is that I may or may not have finally finished Chapter 18 in Elysium today. I may finish this thing one of these days…

But I swear to god, if you even think the word “editing” I will punch you.


15 thoughts on “Return of the Blog and Announcements

  1. I’m trying to get my book written, as well as keep up my blog, so I understand where you’re coming from. I post short stories every other week with a character interview in between, so I get how crazy it can be. Lots of details. More power to you for posting so often!

    • Ooh! What’s your book about?

      I understand the scheduling issue, just all depends what you have going on in your life. That’s why I’m hoping the schedule might help. Good luck keeping up with your work!

      • It’s a suspense titled Would You Have Believed me? A 17 year old girl’s father passes away and her mother quickly remarries a man with a dark past neither of them know about. The girl has never trusted him, but puts her feelings aside for her mother’s sake. As she get to know him she begins to wonder if that was the best choice.

      • Wow, sounds great. Good luck! How much do you have written? I found my first 50k words came so easily, but now that I’m in edits, I look at them and want to cry because they’re just plain terrible. But here’s to hoping my story is still good!

      • Thanks, and good luck to you too! One thing I might suggest (if you’re not doing this already) is to look at your blog as a platform builder. That’s what I’m doing. The whole reason I blog is to build an audience for my book, when it’s ready. That might help you find the energy to blog.

  2. I like the sound of this blog. I have my own, mostly centered on other books. I post reviews, but only once a week or so. Other days it’s book lists, book rants, stuff that’s going on, quotes, etc. Wednesdays are the only times I talk about what I’m writing. I’m almost finished with my latest book–I have a couple more chapters to go, although I think I’m going to go back and delete the first two chapters and start from there.

  3. Blogs can be very time consuming. I’m glad you are continuing. I’m about to take 5 days off with family coming to visit… but I’ll be back too. Thanks so much for your follow! πŸ™‚

  4. Very well organized and planned schedule. As someone who personally stopped blogging and has now re-started, I feel only the continuity of a blog can make the previous efforts worthwhile. Above all, blogging by itself is a very interesting journey. I am glad you returned πŸ™‚

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