Feeling Oriented

So. Yesterday I spent the entire day at orientation for my MFA program and, honestly, it was awesome! It was really cool to be around writers again, to get to talk incessantly about books, and to realize how much future I still have ahead of me.

I’m 24, but I would say I was probably the youngest person there. I feel like I suddenly have entered BONUS TIME and that my whole life is ahead of me. I’m just so stupidly excited.

Anyway, classes start on Tuesday and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of awesome workshop tips to share thereafter, but now that school is in session, my book is going to be tabled for a while. I’d like to work on it intensely over the holidays, but I think the best thing for it at the moment is to let it snowball.

In other news, I am of course still writing. I had a fairly intense writing weekend and wrote two very short, very rough stories. I hope maybe to continue to work on these for the next week before quickly delving into my next work. Strike while the iron is hot and, now that I’m in class, while the volume of work I’m expected to produce is about to triple.

So. If I’m not writing here, don’t worry, I’m still writing somewhere.


9 thoughts on “Feeling Oriented

  1. Since you already write you already have what it takes to break into writing! We are tested though to see who has what it takes to break into stardom!
    Thank you for following, always happy to meet fellow writers! *follows you back*

  2. I’m kind of like awww shucks I’m 25. lol I enjoy seeing people around my age writing. it’s also fun to read a lot of their work, whether it is poems, short stories, or real life experiences. Keep up the good work! I just published my first novel back in March, so I’m stuck at that dreaded 20,000 word mark for my second book. It’s almost like wanted to crush cans against my forehead just to squeeze something out of my head. I’ll be watching out for your posts! Good luck with your classes!

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