After a couple of months of ardent struggle over the last few chapters of my first draft, I kind of hit a break through this weekend.

Went to a “Shut UP and Write” group through meetup.org where a bunch of writers get together to not talk and write for a straight hour in a coffee shop. This may sound like some sort of writer’s cliche, but honestly I really recommend trying this for anyone out there who has hit a wall. Maybe I respond well to peer pressure, but I wrote more in that hour than I have in months. And best of all, I wrote the (what seemed last week/month/year to be an impossible feat) climax.

So the first draft is, well, close to done. Really I have a few updates to do, and maybe a final chapter. But it’s… well, not so impossible anymore.

Clearly, I’ll be hitting up this writing group again next week. Afterwards we all sat around and talked writing and literature, and for once I didn’t feel like the most inept person in the room. In fact, I actually felt like I’d accomplished something. Like I actually knew what I was talking about!

Woah, that’s a new sensation.

So anyway, no matter what’s happened in my life since January, I can always remember this as the year I wrote my first book.

Now… for editing. Erk.


Day Thirty-Six: Much Better

Soon after blogging yesterday, I clipped my fingernails down to the quick, made myself a coffee and settled by the pool to enjoy, if nothing else, some sun. The glare on my screen effectively obstructed my view of the monitor, which turned out to be nothing short of a miracle. Unable to read what I was writing, I just kind of wrote without thinking about it so much.

I think, though, the fact that my day quickly soured helped. I know it’s strange but whenever my life turns to shit, I turn to my writing. I managed to get about 2,000 words down yesterday. And, although glaring with typos due to… well, the glare… they were an important 2,000 words.

I’d been so hung up on a scene that I couldn’t write for almost a week now. I figured if it was causing me so much trouble, it probably wasn’t meant to happen and scrapped it. I hadn’t wanted to do this because my next scene was probably the most important of the whole book and I found myself intimidated by the task. But that scene happened easier than I’d expected once I stopped thinking about it so much.

So not only did I get my 1,000 words, I got 2,000 really important ones!

I’ve been on a roll all of today, outside of a rather long break in the afternoon, I haven’t run short of things to write down. Damn, I’m not even sure how it got so late. I must have put in six or seven hours today.

I’ve forced myself to stop for the day because I’m in a really solid place and I like to, whenever possible, start my days in a place where there’s no question about what’s happening. That way I just sit down and get rolling.

The best part of all of this? I finished chapter 11 today (and wrote half of 12) which means… I’M MORE THAN HALFWAY DONE WITH MY FIRST DRAFT!

Only 11 (or, rather, ten and a half) more chapters to go in my rough draft.

I’m having a victory beer to celebrate and a hot date with Percy Jackson.