Day Ninety-Three: Announcements

I’m sorry to have missed yesterday’s post, I was in a competitive Cornhole Tournament at a brewery against my mother (which I won!) and then eating my bodyweight in Chinese takeout.


Anyway, I wanted to make a few announcements!

First, I did an interview for a fellow blogger, Rachel Cerrera, who is interviewing authors for her Friday series. According to our chats, mine will appear next week– so a week from today! Check it out, I’m sure it’ll be fun (although I did it so long ago, I can’t remember what I said, so we will all be surprised!).

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Dublin when it comes out so… I’ll try to keep an eye out for its premier, but I don’t quite know how available internet will be. So please feel free to check out her blog on Friday even if I have yet to pot a link.

Next on the agenda, I have a plot-bug for a bit of flash fiction nagging at me. I hope to post it, if not today, then in the next few days (I have to pack and have a lot to do, or else I’d guarantee it’d be today). It’s called Keys and it’s about saying goodbye… And is quite sad, I think. Keep an eye on this blog if you’d be interested in that.

Last, I’m leaving the country on Tuesday. It’s not really an announcement, I’m just excited!

That is all.

Oh, and here are some lovely flowers my mother gave me for Easter.