Onward to York!

Am finally, ginormous cup of coffee in hand, sitting down in my friend’s living room for a bit of writing. No excuse why I’m not doing this until 8:30 at night other than the fact that I have recently become addicted to looking for apartments to rent in San Francisco that would be in my budget (also, fajitas)… Which is a fun game in that it’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack and stabbing yourself repeatedly in the eye, in that it’s both impossible and (did I mention?) really fun (no, a microwave and a minifridge do not count as a kitchen!).

I know it’s too early to find and August lease… I just can’t stop looking. I have the irrational fear that I’m going to miss something amazing.

Or maybe that’s perfectly rational. I don’t want to live in Buffalo Bill’s living room!

Anyway, I’m on the 9:00 a.m. train to York with my friend to visit her second most beloved British city. I’ve never been so it should prove an educational experience. Then back to Edinburgh for a few days, Croatia for a long weekend, two days t bid Edinburgh adieu before Dublin Part II (Revenge of the Irish) and a one-way plane back to Florida.

I won’t even get started on the epic birthday roadtrip I’ve planned thereafter. I’m like Carmen Sandiego, one never should know where I’ll pop up next (also I look a bit like a flasher in a trench coat).

But for tonight… I believe I have a book to write.



Day Fifty-Five: Getting Started Writing

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Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting started writing. I sit down at my computer, get ready to write and… about six hours later actually write something, but first I have to…

1) Sleep just a little bit longer.
2) Check my e-mail.
3) Set up a new Word document.
4) Text with friends.
5) Do I need to go to do any errands? Post office maybe? Walgreens? No? Damn. Why did I even put on pants then?
6) Make coffee.
7) And breakfast.
8) What about the grocery store?
9) Text Le Novio: “What are we having for dinner?”
10) Current events. That’s important. Cool… String theory!
11) Any new HBO shows I should watch? What do you mean I’m all caught up on Girls?
12) Hello Facebook, anything exciting today?
13) Nope.
14) Write three sentences… Good work. God, I want cake now.
15) Eat cake.
16) That was the best cake ever. I should go to the gym.
17) Get dressed for the gym.
18) Sit down to put on gym shoes.
19) Nap.
20) Sit down in front of laptop. Watch cursor blink.
21) Maybe I need music?
22) This is a great song. Let me research this band at length.
23) Wow, I’m learning so much about science!
24) I should water my plants.
25) And read this book.
26) Any blog notifications?
27) How about writing a blog now?
28) Text friends about blog post.
29) Obsessively check blog for notifications.
30) I’m too cold to write.
31) Find blanket.
32) God, Le Novio’s couch is comfortable. Pretend to nap but actually play Candy Crush and text friends.
33) Le Novio: “I’m leaving the office. Be home in 20.”
34) Actually start writing.

Or is that just me?