Dublin Part Deux

My time in Edinburgh has come to an end. I’m off to Dublin for the weekend with a friend then back to America on Tuesday.

It’s sad to leave. It’s been so much fun and I just don’t know when I’ll get to see Edinburgh again and all the friends therein.

Croatia was, obviously, gorgeous. The most perfect sunsets and even more beautiful sea. God, I would stay there forever (minus the giant snake that chased me down the stairs).

So… Once again, all my bags are packed and it’s off I go.20140613-233749-85069995.jpg


Edinburgh|Back to Civilization


Have spent the last week on a roadtrip to the Highlands of Scotland, St Andrews, and Skye (a large island off the northwest coast of Scotland… That’s the Talisker Distillery you see there). It has been a beautiful mixture of rain and mountains and camping and awe.

After a trip somewhere remote, coming back to–even a small city like Edinburgh–an urban area makes everything seem dizzying and confined. Space is so huge out there. Why are we literally mapping ourselves out on top of each other when the world is still so big? I would just like to live in the middle of nowhere at some point in my future. I can see myself as a nice old lady ambling around a small town. Maybe I’ll own a pub.

But I like cities too… Maybe I can live everywhere?

My bestest buddy leaves tomorrow to head back to America… We’ve had fun and worn ourselves out but… It’s still sad to see her go. The quiet will be (briefly) nice until my cousin arrives Monday evening. Perhaps I will even get time to write tomorrow before the next wave of visitors arrives?


I’m so close to finishing the book, but it’s nearly impossible to hide out and write when I am literally sharing every minute of my day with other people! I don’t even get a bed to myself. That’s the perils of a bit of ambling.

Soon. Very soon.

Edinburgh| A Love Story

I had never meant to fall in love with Edinburgh. It just kind of happened.

I announced my decision to move here for my Junior year of college in 2009. Everyone told me it was weird that I hadn’t chosen somewhere more exotic, or, failing that since there are only so many exotic places you can study for an English degree, why not London?

I’d happened upon Edinburgh in someone else’s daydream. My roommate at the time was applying for here, but decided against going after she started a serious relationship. So I came alone.

I think it look me about half an hour after I arrived to realize I had accidentally made the best decision of my life.

So here I am. Back after almost 4 years since that first half hour and still… God, it’s so beautiful. Understated and romantic and just… Lovely. How could I not have fallen in love with Edinburgh?

I never stood a chance.

Day Ninety-Four: Packing

I think I have over-packed.

After a bottle of wine for dinner last night and the hangover that greeted me cheerily this morning. This left me an agonized hour to pack my bag for the next two months.

I think packing is impossible. Basically I just tried to shove as much of my clothing in a bag as possible. The bad part is that I left no room for whisky… I’ll have to revise my priorities. Forget clothes!

Now I’m watching Goodfellas and drinking Moscow Mules with my father and step mother. Apparently they both grew up in Jersey/Yonkers so that qualifies them to be gangsters.

I’m pretty sure that’s how this works.

Planning to cook with dad and then have a nice writing day for a change. It’s been wayyyy too long, so wish me luck!

Actual quote from stepmother: “Oh shit. You’re staying til Tuesday?”


Day Seventy-Eight: Living Out of a Suitcase


It’s been over a month since I’ve last unpacked my suitcase. This isn’t my longest stretch of homelessness, but it is one of my more complicated maneuvers (Unwarranted advice: never bring a rolling suitcase to Europe). Packing, when you live like I do, is more like an art form and sincere practice in practicality. Do I really need a hair straighter for the next seven days? Really? (No, I didn’t even use it in the last 30 days. I never use it for that matter.)

Today I upped the ante, borrowed a bag from Le Novio and packed a Sub-Suitcase. A Sub-Suitcase is a whole new realm of Wander-Champ. The glorious moment of packing a suitcase from out of another suitcase. I’m taking a vacation from my vacation and thus needed a smaller bag.

Tomorrow I board a 6 am flight from New Orleans to Denver and spend the weekend wrecking havoc on my cousins’ already exhausting life. From there, on Monday, I go to San Francisco for the week to look at two different schools (Only accepted to two schools out of nine applications and they’re both in San Fran. Fate said San Fran, so to the Bay Area I go!). Then I fly back to New Orleans, stay for two days, drive back to Florida where I will swap out my roller for a duffel, celebrate Easter, spend a day on the beach with my mother, and fly to Ireland. I’ll spend four days in Dublin with my little brother, then go to Scotland for two months (and wherever I’d like within that trip!).

That may sound like a lot to do, but then I go to Florida, New Orleans and DC at the end of June. Back to Florida, pack up my things for a cross-country roadtrip and move to San Francisco by August to start Grad School!

So clearly I’m a bit past Sub-Suitcase level here. Wander-Champ Level: Insanity! To be honest, it’s even wore than that. I’ve been on the move almost constantly since I bid the Creative Factory and I’s old apartment goodbye in January (We still miss you, Iberville!).

Actually… come to think of it…. I’ve been on the move almost constantly since I first started traveling. My mind is always on the next place. God, even when I was a kid, I was always plotting my escape from Beach-Paradise McBoring Mountain.

It’s great, getting to move around as much as I do. I don’t mind all the suitcases. Except, I genuinely have no idea where to forward my mail…

But San Fran definitely come August and for at least two years… Phew. That’s a long time to me. Let’s hope I like it.

Now I just have one week to pick which school to attend…Wish me luck!