Editing is Terrible

So… Seeing as I’ve been stuck at home, where my most interesting hobby is drowning ants in my shower (why are there ants in the shower?), you would think I’ve done some really great editing and am feeling really awesome about my book and writing.


Editing sucks. Editing is like looking at every word you’ve ever written and thinking, “My god, I sound like an idiot.” And the worst part is… You do sound like an idiot.

It’s very rough on my self-esteem. I am genuinely embarrassed I ever allowed anyone to read this crap.

The good news is, well, at least I can realize it’s crap. At least I look at it and see what I can do to make it better. And mostly this means I have rewritten every sentence. I had to strike the word “excitedly” out of almost every exclamatory dialogue I have. Why must I be so redundant?

Anyway, yes, it’s almost painful to read my own work right now. I’m seeing the project with fresh eyes, and maybe that means I want to tear the old eyes out but…

Hopefully, my writing won’t get any worse.