Return of the Blog and Announcements

I had every intention of abandoning this blog as silly and useless. A wasteful dredge on my time, but I’m feeling isolated and sentimental about my move to San Francisco in two weeks so I thought, rather, I’d take this opportunity to shift the focus of this blog in a whole new direction just in time for my move.

So, alas, I am back.

Let me start with the new focus of my blog. I’d like to get a more set schedule going here with a bit more structure and a lot less chatting about my day. My day was boring, don’t worry. Writing is probably one of the least exciting physical activities of all time. A lot of type, type, bang head against hard objects sort of thing.

Anyway, the travels have subsided, blah blah that’s my personal life, who cares?

So what I’m thinking is this. When I’d originally planned this blog I wanted it to be a very collaborative platform for young writers to express… well, whatever they felt about writing. But I don’t know any young writers so it became more of a personal journey that went fairly awry.

Anyway, I still like that idea. Young writers, if there is anything you wish to share, even just word-vomit about how your mother doesn’t understand you, please feel free to message me or post in the comments. I’d love to make this a collaborative venture, if anyone is interested.

In the meantime, you’re stuck with only my writing ventures. So until I make friends, I’d like to set up a schedule of postings that go like this:

Mondays: A personal look at my own writing progress. Where Elysium stands or any of the multitude of projects I’ve been working on (or are soon to begin as my MFAW program nears a start).

Wednesdays: Actual content. This can be anything from a piece of fiction I’ve written to an interview, heck, maybe even some entertining literary analysis (yes, that’s a thing). Basically, anything pertaining to writing I can generate.

Saturdays: Short book reviews. I know this sounds incredibly dull… there are so many book reviewers on this site, but I assure I read a lot of very diverse books (from children’s lit to things I found in my grandmother’s garage) and I’m actually fairly scathing and snappy. That means absolutely no book summaries and plenty of spoilers. Hopefully, It will be fun. (Bear with me, ok?)

Sporadic: Rants and raves and (since I’m an egoist) lots of tales of personal woes, I’m sure. I’m a very whiny passionate person.

And that’s the new schedule. I’m hoping to find a groove here…

The good news is that I may or may not have finally finished Chapter 18 in Elysium today. I may finish this thing one of these days…

But I swear to god, if you even think the word “editing” I will punch you.


Onward to York!

Am finally, ginormous cup of coffee in hand, sitting down in my friend’s living room for a bit of writing. No excuse why I’m not doing this until 8:30 at night other than the fact that I have recently become addicted to looking for apartments to rent in San Francisco that would be in my budget (also, fajitas)… Which is a fun game in that it’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack and stabbing yourself repeatedly in the eye, in that it’s both impossible and (did I mention?) really fun (no, a microwave and a minifridge do not count as a kitchen!).

I know it’s too early to find and August lease… I just can’t stop looking. I have the irrational fear that I’m going to miss something amazing.

Or maybe that’s perfectly rational. I don’t want to live in Buffalo Bill’s living room!

Anyway, I’m on the 9:00 a.m. train to York with my friend to visit her second most beloved British city. I’ve never been so it should prove an educational experience. Then back to Edinburgh for a few days, Croatia for a long weekend, two days t bid Edinburgh adieu before Dublin Part II (Revenge of the Irish) and a one-way plane back to Florida.

I won’t even get started on the epic birthday roadtrip I’ve planned thereafter. I’m like Carmen Sandiego, one never should know where I’ll pop up next (also I look a bit like a flasher in a trench coat).

But for tonight… I believe I have a book to write.


I Started Writing Again

My friend invited me to her restaurant today and plied me with coffee while I perused my writing again.

It’s been a long month. As it turns out I left off at a much better place than I’d remembered… A bit of tweaking and I think I’m almost set to finish chapter 18.

So. Close.

I think tomorrow I’m going to duck out on all my friends and hide in a coffee shop all day until I at least finish 18. I can’t sit on this for another month. The future is lingering sadly. I fear between my three pending jobs, I’ll have little time to write outside my degree (if even that) so the goal is…finish this damn book by September!

Back to writing first thing tomorrow. I’m actually excited to get back into it.

In the meantime… I ate too much cake and too much coffee.

Day Ninety-Three: Announcements

I’m sorry to have missed yesterday’s post, I was in a competitive Cornhole Tournament at a brewery against my mother (which I won!) and then eating my bodyweight in Chinese takeout.


Anyway, I wanted to make a few announcements!

First, I did an interview for a fellow blogger, Rachel Cerrera, who is interviewing authors for her Friday series. According to our chats, mine will appear next week– so a week from today! Check it out, I’m sure it’ll be fun (although I did it so long ago, I can’t remember what I said, so we will all be surprised!).

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Dublin when it comes out so… I’ll try to keep an eye out for its premier, but I don’t quite know how available internet will be. So please feel free to check out her blog on Friday even if I have yet to pot a link.

Next on the agenda, I have a plot-bug for a bit of flash fiction nagging at me. I hope to post it, if not today, then in the next few days (I have to pack and have a lot to do, or else I’d guarantee it’d be today). It’s called Keys and it’s about saying goodbye… And is quite sad, I think. Keep an eye on this blog if you’d be interested in that.

Last, I’m leaving the country on Tuesday. It’s not really an announcement, I’m just excited!

That is all.

Oh, and here are some lovely flowers my mother gave me for Easter.


Day Seventy-Seven: Mastery

God, the response to my article has been amazing. Over 1600 Likes and a barrage of shares. I feel like I went tiny-viral and, honestly, it feels good. The Submissions Editor even emailed me to thank me and ask for anything else I’d like to submit.

I needed that stone-cold reminder. To remember that words I could string together could be worth reading. I write and write and work on this book, and I feel isolated with it. Trapped in a desert on my own mind.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of ┬átopic. That means, 10,000 hours slugging away with words (either my own or elsewhere). It’s pretty clear what my mantra is these days: Just Keep Writing.

Anyway, in response to my article, I got a lot of people commenting that I should be a writer. I’m working on it. I’m putting in my 10,000 hours right now. A very nice lady shared a link to a video series about creativity, which I’d like to share with anyone interested. I watched the one I’ve put up this morning and I think it says exactly what I’m trying to convey in my book. That young people don’t have to give up their dreams just because society demands it

Writing isn’t practical. It’s passion. Writing probably isn’t going to pay the bills (Hopefully, but even if it doesn’t…). All the time when I say I’m going to Grad School for Creative Writing people ask that dreaded question:

“What are you going to do with that?”

Hah. What do you think? Writing or not, I don’t care that much about money. Those things are easy to fix. Money is everywhere. But this question hurts in a whole different way… Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be a princess or a fireman or whatever you wanted to be? I didn’t think I wanted to be anything. I always knew I was a writer. And maybe you had to give up that dream and become a lawyer or something because “princess” isn’t much of an addition to a resume, but I didn’t and I have absolutely no regrets.

Do I sometimes wish I could have been passionate about something that paid better? Yes. But do I honestly believe myself naive or stupid for chasing after my childhood intuition? No freaking way. Not even for a second.

I’m not a master yet, but it was never a question about what I wanted to master. There’s a difference though, between a slap of reality and, well, just being a jerk. I know practical advice means well, but, sadly, it’s nothing but discouraging.

I will become a master of this desert… It doesn’t really matter what anyone says. So why not just say you’re with me?

Day Seventy-Five: Blogging on a Streetcar


I’m really getting mobile with my upload today and sending a blog live from a streetcar heading into the French Quarter.

My short article on saying goodbye to New Orleans went up today and the response has been overwhelming and supportive! It’s been lovely to see all the likes and shares I’ve gotten for something that was genuinely fun to write.

I know we are the generation that has been overwhelmed by positive reinforcement, but there is nothing like a good response from your peers to make you feel good as a writer. I am not in denial about this quest for positivity. Same with blogging… Who looks at their notifications and thinks “Damn, another follower!” Keep the responses coming! It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

So I’m more than excited about the response to my writing. No complaints. Just keep writing, right?

Let’s hope there will be many more articles to share with you guys in the future!

Day Seventy-Four: Mimosas and Crawfish


It’s my last official weekend in New Orleans before a brief vacation to Denver and San Francisco and moving onward to Scotland by the end of April.

Saying goodbye the proper way… A crawfish boil, brunch at my favorite place (breakfast pizza and bottomless mimosas will change your life), and friends coming over to cook me dinner from the comfort of my own couch (no pants: win).

The good news is, I’ve written a short piece about saying goodbye to New Orleans that’s going to be published on a New Orleans news/community website tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to link to that for you guys when it’s up.

It’s nice to get my name out there again and see my writing in print. I used to write for a New Orleans community paper which was fun and frustrating at the same time (I’m not much for journalism), but it’s always cool to hold your own writing and share with friends outside the blogosphere.

Let’s see what happens next. Good news abounds!